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Java Horse Coffee & Chocolate Bar

"Get your Daily Kick!"

To Go Hot Brewed Coffee - Cold Brew 

Homemade Chai - Fruit Fusion Iced Teas

Scones, Muffins, and Organic Meal Bars!

Half Gallon Gourmet JavaHorse Cold Brew

Half Gallon Chai Tea - Half Gallon Fruit Fusion Iced Teas

Davinci Syrups - JavaHorse & ESCR Bagged Coffee

we fresh grind for you if you desire! 

Our custom blended and roasted coffee by 

Eastern Shore Coastal Roasting we have named JavaHorse.

with our COLD BREW ice coffee - our #1 BEST seller.!

And hot fresh brewed locally roasted coffee!

Homemade Chai Tea and Fruit Fusion Iced Teas!

Baked Scones, muffins, and afternoon baked delights!

Our Chocolate Bar features handmade chocolates by the box

Still Hungry?  Meal Bars, Cheese, Crackers, Charcuterie,

and gourmet picnic selections throughout the store!